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My personal place to write about NLP topics and show the results
of my research and personal work.

It's fascinating how fast the world of language processing changed within the last few
years through advances in machine and especially deep learning techniques. Combined with the huge amount of data for a variety of experiments, the area of Natural Language Processing offers an exciting and interesting place for work and research. My intrests focus on Question Answering, Information Retrieval, Information Extraction and Unsupervised Learning as well as Conversations and Dialogue modelling.

Robin Rojowiec

Cognitive Engineer, IBM Deutschland
Master Student, Computational Linguistics, LMU Munich


Brief summary of my CV

Bachelor of Science, Business Information Systems (2013 -2016)

I got my bachelors degree in a corporate studies program of IBM in Business Information Systems in 2016. The study included a variety of different topics. I was focussing more on the technical aspects and the connection to business.

Cognitive Engineer, IBM Germany (2016 - now)

After successful defense of the bachelor thesis, I was hired by IBM Germany to work for Lab Services as a Cognitive Engineer. In this role I work closely with clients on various tasks related to processing unstructured data, especially unstructured text data.
Additionally I'm responsible for architecture, development and quality assurance for the customer solutions.

Master of Science, LMU (2017 - now)

I'll finish my masters degree in the third quarter this year. I aim to continue research and do a Phd at he LMU following the masters degree.



Keynote Speaker @ Waterkant 2019

Introducing Machine Reading and other AI Techqiues for Question Answering


Talk @ Munich NLP Meetup 2018

Discussing Machine Reading for Question Answering Systems and their applicability in the Industry


Author @ BSOA Conference 2016

Wrote a conference article about NLP services and their integration in IT Management processes

My Projects

A selection of my favourite projects


Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment is the natural tone of text. Using simple linear algorithms (log linear models), pretty decent results are achieved on a standart data set (IMDB Large Movie Reviews 1.0).


Wikipedia crawler

Web crawling is the process of going through web pages wich are linked and collect their content. This crawler is designed specifically for Wikipedia pages.


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